Facility Maintenance

Your work environment speaks volumes about the way you conduct business.  When you choose to work with LCS to keep your facility cleaned and maintained, you have a committed service partner who is as dedicated to the pristine presentation of your facility as you are.

When you manage a building, own a property, or run a business, you have many pieces to put together every day to keep things running smoothly.  Labor, maintenance, productivity, even next year’s budget – the pieces sometimes don’t come together as quickly as you require.  LCS can help you tackle your “to do” list, handling the “behind-the-scenes” responsibilities so you can focus on the more important tasks of managing your business.  Let LCS put the pieces together for you.
LCS can handle any variety of projects – from a 150,000 square foot building to a 1,500 square foot apartment — we have significant “hands on” experience.  We understand what each project entails from start to finish and have the staff that will accommodate your emergency issues, off-hour needs, and tackle your big projects on schedule when others cannot.
We can help you with:
  • Emergency Service
  • Seasonal Needs
  • Work Overload & Turnover
  • Special Projects & Flood Clean-Up
  • Emergency Porter Coverage and Support