Ten LCS managers graduated, completing the 12-week professional development course

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. (July 23, 2018) — Ten employees of LCS Facility Group, the region’s most experienced and largest provider of facilities solutions, recently completed a 12-week-long management training program. The course was offered through LCS University, the company’s continuing education program for new and existing employees. The LCS managers celebrated their professional achievements with a graduation brunch at Blue Collar Brewery on Monday, July 9, 2018.

“LCS University was created to show our staff that the company is invested in them and their future,” said Angela M. Gervino, Director of Organizational Development at LCS Facility Group. “As we continue to grow as a company, equipping our staff with the skills and knowledge to perform a breadth of tasks is critical for success. This program was designed to help our existing staff develop both personally and professionally, allowing them to effectively manage various environments that the company serves.”

The program, tailored to the professional development skills of existing management level employees of LCS, included classroom and hands-on work in the areas of communication, discipline and personalities in the workplace, among others. At the conclusion of the program, participants completed a final exam before receiving a Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) custodial certification.

Each of the program’s participants had been with LCS Facility Group for at least three years. Their previous work experience spans across the multiple service divisions LCS offers, including cleaning and facility maintenance; hospitality and stewarding; construction support services; and landscaping and property maintenance. During one of the 12 weeks, participants were paired with managers in new service settings and were required to complete a quality assurance report. This portion of the program challenged the individuals to further their knowledge of the service area and develop their skills, preparing them for future management positions in the company.

LCS plans to offer the 12-week management training program four times a year.

Established in 2010, LCS University provides training and certification courses to all LCS Facility Group employees. The first 90 days of employment at LCS are spent in training, and employees are required to complete annual refresher courses. In addition to the year-long training programs offered, many of LCS staff members hold multiple and practical certifications, which can be renewed quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

About LCS

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