Poughkeepsie, NY., September 22, 2022 — Recently, LCS Facility Group announced their new service line of business – National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Compliant Hood + Exhaust Cleaning- which extends its already strong expertise of the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Kitchen Hood + Exhaust Cleaning is the process of removing greases that have accumulated inside the exhaust systems of commercial kitchens. Restaurants must have their kitchen hood and duct systems professionally cleaned on at least a semi-annual basis by a qualified cleaner. With our specialized electric pressure washers, degreaser chemicals, and certified team, we ensure all hoods are NFPA compliant once completed.
“Kitchen exhaust cleaning is directly tied to fire, health, and safety,” explained by Ray Suarez VP of Operations. “When a commercial kitchen is not properly maintained on a regular basis, the chances of a grease fire in the ducts are tremendously higher. Fires in the exhaust systems can devastate through the loss of a business, property, or even life. “
The Hood + Exhaust Cleaning line, as well as the ability to fully clean and maintain commercial kitchens is built on LCS Facility Group’s already proven ability to execute premier cleaning and facility maintenance at scale with efficiency. In the recent years, LCS Facility Group has successfully emerged into new markets, while maintaining growth, during the global pandemic.

About LCS Facility Group
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