Here at LCS Facility Group, we take great pride in honoring our staff and genuinely appreciating them for all their hard work and dedication they provide to the clients served by LCS.

So naturally, and with this in mind, it was with great honor that Joe Lepore, President, and Angela Gervino, Director of Organizational Development, flew from New York to California to spend time with the employees in the Napa Valley area along with their families at California’s Employee Appreciation cookout, which was held at Crane Park in St. Helena, CA. Joe and Angela both felt amazed by the 80 plus employees who attended along with their families as this says a great deal about the commitment and value the LCS employees feel.

We value our employees, and we genuinely want them to know what their value and worth means to us! For this reason, we plan for this day to really be about them and their families; a day where they can let their hair down, relax, play fun games and enjoy the fruits of their labor with their family and coworkers. This is a genuine time of bonding for all, and our hopes are that the employees will come closer together and build a bond that carries into the workplace as well.

The greatest pleasure LCS gains from this day is seeing the employees enjoy a festive meal together, while some sing along and dance to music, win unexpected prizes, have tons of fun playing games, and watching the kids excitedly breaking down the piñata so they can be the first to tackle the goodies that come out of it. The excitement is too much to bear for us as each of the employees and their family members receive a raffle ticket which is entered in a drawing, with the grand prize being a 60-inch television; so, the anticipation of their reaction was too much to bear at times. Additional prizes included: a Keurig, kitchenware, tools and gift certificates for local restaurants – all gifts that genuinely do not express enough our gratitude for them and their hard work.

Without a doubt, the success of our business is dependent on the hard work and professionalism of our staff. Without their dedication, passion and eagerness to develop new skills, LCS would not be where it is today. We believe without a shadow of a doubt that LCS is a family business and by extending the invitation to our employees’ partners and children, we hope to reinforce the sense of community and family we’ve worked hard to create across the company from New York to California and Texas!