POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. (July 2, 2018) — LCS Facility Group, the region’s most experienced and largest provider of facilities solutions, recently acquired the partial corner property to the east of its Cottage Street headquarters in Poughkeepsie. The company plans to use the existing building and land to support commercial businesses in the area and accommodate parking for its growing staff.

The Cottage Street property includes a vacant 9,000-square-foot warehouse and approximately one acre of land which will be converted into commercial condos and a 35,000-square-foot parking lot. LCS Landscapes, a division of LCS Facility Group, has begun excavating and re-grading the land.

“Acquiring this property has countless benefits for the local community. LCS was able to purchase the land and our staff will perform the bulk of services required to convert the existing building into useful commercial space for new and expanding businesses in Dutchess County,” said Daniel Lepore, Executive Vice Present of LCS Facility Group.

The estimated $600,000 investment includes the cost of acquiring the property and the expenses required to create individual office spaces in the existing warehouse and a large parking lot for employees of the future tenants as well as LCS customers and staff.

LCS Facility Group Owner Joe Lepore also commented on the investment.

“At LCS, we recognize the value of having a supportive community. This investment allows us to encourage development in the area and introduce entrepreneurs to an outstanding group of community members,” said Lepore. “We are excited to welcome fresh faces to Cottage Street as this vision comes to fruition.”

LCS has continued to demonstrate itself as a community-minded organization through fiscal contributions and volunteer work. The company regularly sponsors local events and charity initiatives, including: First Friday Poughkeepsie, Family Services, Inc., and the Claudio Cares Foundation, among others. Most recently, LCS announced its official sponsorship of the Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival, which is scheduled for July 6-8, 2018.

About LCS

As the preferred outsourcing partner, LCS Facility Group is an industry leader in providing the highest quality expertise, professional and full-service facilities maintenance, and specialty services to the commercial sector. LCS Facility Group’s services include cleaning and facility maintenance; landscaping and property maintenance; snow and ice removal; hospitality and stewarding services; construction support services; specialty services and more. For additional information, visit: www.lcsfacilitygroup.com.