A number of internal and external factors affect an employee’s productivity. While as a company you cannot control or adjust all factors, there is one you can always control, it’s the workplace environment.

As we have learned more evidently this past year than in the past, a clean workplace is essential to employee safety and crucial to individual health. Clean and organized workplaces is proven to increase productivity of employees. In return, this productivity can elevate the success of your company’s bottom line.

Here are four ways cleanliness in the office has a positive effect on employees:

Motivates Them
Disorganization and mess make it more difficult to work and the lack of cleanliness is never appealing. These environments will create employees to lose motivation quickly. Once your employee enters the office and it’s greeted by a big mess, it doesn’t feel like a fresh new start is open to them. Instead, it feels a lot like the mess is sapping one’s energy. If employee motivation is a pivotal part of your organization (which it should be), have your office cleaned regularly.

Reduces Absenteeism

Germs and bacteria spread quickly, If disease and virus spread, then employees will continue to get sick and be forced to take time off. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you can never be too cautious with ensuring the safety and health of you employees.

Keeps Stress Minimal
A majority of individuals become more stressed and anxious when their environments are less-than-clean. Anxious-minded employees will never reach full productivity potential hence cost both you and your company money.

Keeps Injuries at Bay

Sickness isn’t the only damage that can be brought on by a dirty workplace. Injury can be brought on as well. This is true whether the workplace is a low-activity office or a high-activity warehouse.
Want to reduce injury risk? Cleaning is an important component of doing so. For instance, by regularly removing slick and slippery substances from your floors, you greatly reduce the risk of employee’s slipping and falling.