As winter approaches, the spread of COVID-19 is becoming an even bigger concern than we have seen the last few months. Restrictions were finally lifting across the nation and the fear that they will once again be forced to close is certainly top of mind for many business owners. We all want to prevent further spikes of COVID-19 infections and ensuring commercial spaces are pathogen free is essential. The electrostatic disinfecting process is the best way to guarantee you disinfect every part of your establishment. Simply put, there is no better way to kill pathogens.

What is Electrostatic Disinfecting?

While surging in popularity in 2020 due to its exceptional performance when it comes to getting rid of viruses and pathogens, the electrostatic sprayer has been around for years.

Electrostatic sprayers apply a positive charge to liquid disinfectants as they pass through a nozzle. The positively charged disinfectant is attracted to negatively charged surfaces, which allows for efficient coating of hard nonporous surfaces.

This method allows for 360 degrees of any area to become entirely disinfected. The broad-spectrum disinfectant spray could extend up to 6 feet and has a neutral pH making this a very effective, yet safe process to conduct in commercial and medical buildings.

Now we understand not all surfaces are perfectly flat and shaped evenly- to ensure still an effective process on these surfaces there is a “touchless sprayer.” With this disinfectant being sprayed in a fine mist form, the mist fully envelopes and area ensuring success regardless of shape and/or size. Once applied, it will eradicate germs in an enclosed place.

Where Can I Use Electrostatic Disinfecting?

Electrostatic spraying can be used to meet the needs or nearly any facility. Its ability to cover large areas within minutes makes it ideal for disinfecting public restrooms, schools, commercial kitchens, offices, and hospitals. Because the mist allows for surfaces to be evenly coated, wiping is not required regularly.

What Electrostatic Sprayer Should I Use?

At LCS Facility Group, all our Total Disinfection & Sanitization projects are completed with electrostatic sprayers from Victory Innovations Co. Their patented technology allows double-charged particles to envelope all conductive surfaces – shadowed, vertical, and underneath. That, alongside their cordless equipment to ensure efficient labor time allows us to provide the most cost-effective and safest service to each of our clients.

The continuous fight against COVID-19 is a joint effort amongst us all. For the health and safety of our communities and the future of our local businesses, do not take chances with your facilities. At LCS Facility Group we are proud to keeping our community safe and open.

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