You clean your teeth each day, don’t you? We all comprehend this as a significant aspect of our day-to-day schedule to maintain our best smile and teeth healthy. But why would this idea be applied to some circumstances, but not others? Let us shake up your perception of window cleaning and better understand why frequency is a must for this service.

Subconscious Effect
Like a beautiful smile, your windows are one of the first impressions on a customer and significantly impact the perceived credibility of your business. Subliminally or completely consciously, many people will pay more attention to your glass front’s cleanliness when visiting a store. In addition, experienced property agents testify increased interest towards the properties with clean windows among potential property buyers. Moreover, clean properties were sold at higher prices than those with the same features but dirty windows.

Glass Structure
Glass is permeable and harbors dirt that, over time makes it brittle or causes loss of transparency, pigmented spots, which brings about the growth of microorganisms. In the end, that might ruin the glass completely. Common enemies of your windows and the main reason for the cleaning are:
• hard minerals – from sprinkler systems and building run-off.
• oxidization – from windows encased in metal frames and screens.
• sea spray – salt slowly builds up on the surface of your glass.

It is cheaper to maintain than to fix! Just like our semi-annual teeth cleaning, windows are much less expensive to care for in the short term, than accepting the long-term restoration expenses. Once windows begin having visible issues, it is usually too late to reverse the process and most often you will need to replace the entire panel.

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